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Dr. Kimberly Sanders and ArthroWell Naturopathic offer testing services for patients interested in identifying their triggers.  No appointment is needed.  Contact us for pricing information and policies.


*Test results and protocols are for educational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice.  These tests are not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Testing Services
All orders include your test results and a brief protocol and test interpretation by Dr. Sanders

Comprehensive Stool Test


Leaky Gut Test

Pesticide Exposure Test

Mold Toxin Test

Hormone Test

Hair Toxic Elements

Cytokine Polymorphisms

Optimal Nutritional Evaluation

IgG Food Sensitivities

Salivary Cortisol x4

Genetic Analysis



Find out if you have gastrointestinal dysbiosis.  This test shows levels of good and bad flora in the gut, as well as digestive and absorptive ability, evidence of leaky gut and gut inflammation, and presence of intestinal parasites and yeast.


Gut health is the root of autoimmune disease.


GI Effects Stool Test
Optimal Nutritional Evaluation

The ONE test evaluates neurotransmitters, toxicity levels, gut dysbiosis, heavy metal levels, antioxidant levels.  This is the best test is you believe that you have multiple triggers.

Cytokines are inflammatory chemicals in the body that cause cascading inflammation.  Many patients with autoimmune disease have genetic mutations leading to Th1/Th2 imbalance and chronic inflammation.


Find out what your cytokine mutations are and receive a list of natural treatments specifically targeted towards these cytokines

Cytokine Polymorphisms
Hair Toxic Elements

Find out if you have toxic metal exposure contributing to your autoimmune disease.  This test also evaluates your good mineral status.


Chronic infections can lead to heavy metal retention, and heavy metals can impair antioxidant systems and worsen autoimmunity.

IgG Food Sensitivities

This at-home finger prick collection will evaluate your IgG antibody reaction to 96 different foods.  You can start an individualized elimination diet based on these results and find out what foods are overtaxing your immune system.

Salivary Cortisol x4

Adrenal health is crucial for autoimmune patients, especially those experiencing anxiety, fatigue, pain, and depression.  Evaluating your cortisol rhythm throughout the entire day will help you understand what phase of the stress response you are in.  An individual botanical and nutrient protocol will be made for you based on these results.


This test is especially important for autoimmune thyroid and fibromyalgia patients.

23andMe Detox and Methylation Analysis

23andMe is the most popular genetic test on the scene right now.  This test will show you your methylation defects (MTHFR, MTRR/MTR), but it will also show us many other mutations (COMT, MAO, CBS).  Patients with anxiety, depression, and autoimmune disease would benefit greatly from addressing these mutations.  


We will interpret your 23andMe for you, and provide basic suggestions to address your defects.

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